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Social and Economic Situation in municipal formation

The geographical location of the district and its climatic conditions, despite the absence of railways, favorably distinguish the Otradnaya District from others. The Otradnaya District is located in the south-eastern part of the Krasnodar Region, on the northern slope of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range. It shares borders with the Stavropol Region on the east, with the Karachayevo-Cherkessian Republic on the south, and with the Novokubansk, Labinsk and Mostovskoy Districts of the Krasnodar Region on the north and west. The priority direction of the development of the district is attraction of investments into the development of agriculture, processing industry, sanatorium and resort and tourist complex, and a social sphere. Our region has a great investment potential. The basis of the investment attractiveness of the Otradnaya District is unique natural and climatic features of the district, mineral recourses, sources of raw materials and recreational opportunities.

Gypsum, white and pink, fine-grained, saccharoidal texture and marbled is a main wealth of the district. This raw material meets the characteristics of building and molding gypsum and gypsum stone for the production of construction materials and decorative finishing stone by its properties. The district is rich with thermal waters, the use of which in greenhouse farming and other activities can produce a high economic effect.

The relief of the district is a piedmont plain. The soil cover is represented mainly by black soils. The protection of the district on three sides by offshoots of mountain creates its own microclimate in it, the characteristic features of which are the absence of winds and the rich saturation of air with oxygen.

The industry of the Otradnaya District is represented by medium and small industrial enterprises focused on producing furniture, providing communal public services and the processing of agricultural products.

The economy of the Otradnaya District is mainly represented by the following sectors: agriculture, processing industry, construction, transport and communications, retail trade, catering, and a service sphere.

When it comes to the priority of the development of agriculture, the district has plans to revive such promising sectors of economy as the production of potatoes, preferring the cultivation of the best seed grades as Volzhanin, Kislovodskiy, Romano, Zhanna, Valentina, Condor, and Artemis. The best collective and farming enterprises for cattle breeding in the district chose the direction of growing such cattle breeds as Charolais, Limousine, Aberdeen-Angus and Hereford.

As a result of the implementation of regional and federal programs to support the development of personal subsidiary farms, today, about 60% of all agricultural products are produced by the citizens of the Otradnaya District.

Agrarians working in the Otradnaya District, thanks to the introduction of modern technologies, receive good harvests of grain, sunflower and sugar beet.

There are also very valuable mineral recourses such as limestones and magnesium limestones with intercalary layers of calcareous clay, fine-grained, dense and greenish, which may be of interest to investors.

The medicinal plants growing on the territory of the district are important components for the domestic and foreign pharmaceutical industry; therefore, the Administration of the MF Otradnaya District proposed an investment project for placement of production of exclusive phyto-tea based on vegetable raw materials of representatives of ecologically clean flora of the North Caucasus.

In addition, mineral waters, therapeutic muds, landscape and climatic conditions, medicinal plants, honey, bee products, hunting grounds and water recourses can be used for organizing fishing, sanatorium and resort treatment and prevention of various diseases, recreation and tourism.

The volume of production of goods and services in 2017 amounted to 454.2 million rubles, and the volume of attracted investments during this period amounted to 483.9 million rubles.